Letter from the Management

Endofusion, consolidates 30 years of knowledge in the medical sector, distributes and sells medical products and equipment, in the wider region of the Balkan Peninsula: Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria and North Macedonia.

Our clients are public, private, military hospitals and any established Healthcare institution and organization. 

 Endofusion, pays great importance to ensure that, all systems and products sold  are always properly maintained and serviced and that, the end users, are fully trained to use them, enabling them to perform at their very best.  

Endofusion is an ISO13485 certified company, regarding the quality assurance in the Medical field, and fully adapted to ISO 14001, for the optimal management system in environmental policies, as well as ISO9001 accredited.

All our efforts, provisions and actions are always focused in providing the best solution in the field of medical technology and our product range varies, from neurosurgical implants, to medical robotics, medical visualization systems and surgical instruments and apparatuses. 

For all the above, Endofusion relies deeply in the intact character, morals and knowledge of its people in all the fields : from analyzing the medical professional’s needs ,to proposing the best suited solution and applying  high quality standards of traceability ,always complying with all the state’s and EU’s directives and instructions, creating satisfied clients and promoting the health of the patients. 

Our mission is, through the use, of a state of the art, medical technology and the deep understanding of thereof, to improve the quality of life of the patients.

Our vision is, to make excellence, a habit and an everyday procedure. To decide, plan and apply our strategies fast and efficiently, obtaining the maximum results and to be renown as top class healthineers worldwide.

Goals and Values

  • To introduce new safer and innovative surgical devices, instruments and implants that will improve quality of life and life expectancy in the wider South-eastern Europe.
  • To grow geographically and bring people together from many countries under our cause 
  • To have a sustainable and fair profit that will allow to the company to innovate and its people to prosper
  • To have open minded mentality for new products and treatments 
  • To help our clients our people and ourselves, to improve day by day 
  • To create a business environment where excellence becomes a habit 


Our major responsibility is first towards the patient. Everything we do and everything we offer, will help making the patients have a better quality of life and longer life expectancy. Through helping to treat the patients we believe that we help the society to be healthier and happier. All our performance is not limited by time, distance or effort, it’s driven by integrity, commitment and professionalism. Fortunately, we are not in this road alone: All the doctors, all the nurses and our people, that have believed in our goal from the beginning, share the same goal for their patients: to be healthier and happier. Because when the things go well for a single one of us, goes well for everybody. 

We also have a great responsibility to our employees and their families, we offer them a fair compensation, stability and security. We have to listen to everyone of them and try to make their ideas and pursuits our common ideas and pursuits. We support them in order to grow more, learn more, advance even further, elevate in higher levels of ethics and knowledge in order to be better individuals.  We constantly evolve together, learn together, ameliorate together, we create a business environment where innovation, ideas and concerns are discussed honestly and openly for the common good of the patient, the company and its people and finally the whole society. All this progress is, as it has to be, monitored at all times, in order to move further in a way that will lead to excellence. 

We believe that if in our company the people excel, the company will shine from within. The more you improve yourself, the more you improve the group you belong to.

The society is finally the greater group where we all belong, live, and prosper. Our efforts, work and ideas, help to improve the quality of life enjoyed by the citizens on each country we are active and assists on the science’s progress and the well being of the society. Through this credo we encourage our people, our clients and everyone we work and deal with, to give a fair part of his surplus back in our society. This surplus can be given back to the community in charity, time or effort or any other way that makes them feel happy and makes a difference to the people.

We have also a major responsibility for the environment, our common home. We have to apply sustainable eco-friendly solutions and policies that will make no harm to our planet. Every solution that brings less disruption in the healing of the planet must be our constant goal, from the small things to the very big ones. That is why this company, our house, always have to apply, among the very first, the strictest quality standards in environmental policies.